What are the Things You Can Do?


Important celebrations and events like weddings are a time of joy, laughter and get-togethers in the family. To make the most of this time together, and at the same time look stylish in your Indian clothes, here are some tips and some things that you can do:


1. Bright Traditional Indian Clothes


This is almost a given isn’t it? You can wear some very bright and vibrant colours and Indian saris and traditional Indian clothes still look great in them. This is important to understand because you should not feel shy or reserved about wearing your bright pink outfits in public - for both men and women.


2. Indian Saris


Of course the choice is going to be the choice for such important events. It is best to select very nice and embroidered Saris that are going to be admired by everyone. This is even more important for events where you are going to be attending as one of the main wedding guest - like close family or friends.

3. Lehenga Choli sets


Lehenga choli sets are also a very interesting option for traditional Indian clothes. This 2 piece garment is usually accompanied by a dupatta. This style is also very elegant and can create the right impression - so make sure that you consider this seriously.

4. Jewellery Sets


Accessories are one of the most important part of an outfit, and jewellery is one of the important points in the dress-up. You can select very traditional jewellery that includes large diamonds or stones, or even made in pure gold. These sets can also be made in contemporary style, but the traditional ones are the perfect ones for pictures and for Indian weddings.

Getting Handmade Saris

All the rage amongst the Sari club is the concept of hand-made and hand-woven saris. This is a recent trend and we as a company are not seeing people being very enthusiastic about this. Some older customers prefer to buy these hand-made products, but the younger customers demand things that look perfect and at the same time feel great to the touch. Hand made products tend to not be the most supple and comfortable to the touch.

Hand-woven Saris

It is safe to say that if you are looking for unique styles, then hand-woven saris are a good option. The final product is of course still a traditional and ethnic style, but it might not look perfect. It normally has ab-normal and un-even features in the weaving because of the hand-woven nature of the sari. But this is a great option for unique and different styles.

Machine Woven Sari

Machine made saris are usually cheaper and more properly and evenly finished. The cheaper part is because these clothes are made on a machine that is often mechanised and capable of churning out multiple number of saris each hour. At the same time, since it is made by machine, the look of the sari can be almost perfect.